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Defensive Schemes

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In today's game, where players have tremendous skills, all five positions can shoot, and the offensive sets present multiple screening options, it's never been more difficult to be a team that plays Lock Down D.

However, in this series of videos from former Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens, you will learn the insider secrets on how the best players and teams in the world guard multiple offensive actions.

NBA Level Handles

Every player wants to be able to handle the ball like their favorite players. In this class the NBA Coaches will teach you the drills to work on to blow by your defender and get to the rim. They will also teach you ball handling moves to use to create space for a shot.

Here’s a quick look at what you will discover…

Coach Stevens takes you through the Vegas Closeout series and teaches you how to properly closeout on your man, and be in the correct help position.

Learn how to defend the drive, down screen, flare, skip pass, and much more!

Steal Coach Stevens’ defensive secrets that made the Boston Celtics one of the top defensive teams in the NBA and led Butler to back to back Final Four’s.

Perfect for coaches wanting to teach the basic fundamentals of team defense, or coaches looking to take it a step further and learn how to guard multiple offensive actions.

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Advanced Concepts

This is the perfect course to prepare your high school team for the start of the season and keep them ready to compete throughout the year.  Taught by Lloyd Pierce, Rick Carlisle, Mike Budenholzer, Nate McMillan, Brett Brown, Terry Stotts, Steve Kerr, and more.
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Developing NBA Level Handles

Learn from NBA Coaches how to perfect the four common denominators of great ballhandlers: Staying low to the ground, pounding the ball hard, vision of the court, and command of the ball.
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