Beginner Concepts

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This course is perfect for coaches new to the game of basketball or coaches that are coaching players that are new to the game of basketball. This course is taught by the most credible coaches in the world, the NBA Coaches. Not only do these coaches coach the best players in the world, but many of them also have young kids that play basketball as well. So, they understand the challenges and thrills of coaching kids just starting in their basketball journey and the importance of teaching them the right things.

In this course you will find the fundamentals of the game and fun drills to work on these fundamentals. However, in this course you will not find any team plays. The focus of practices and training of players new to the game should be on teaching the players skills so that they can have fun and start to build confidence in their abilities rather than teaching them how to run plays.

NBA Level Handles

Every player wants to be able to handle the ball like their favorite players. In this class the NBA Coaches will teach you the drills to work on to blow by your defender and get to the rim. They will also teach you ball handling moves to use to create space for a shot.

Here’s a quick look at what you will discover…

Learn the game of basketball broken down like you have never seen it before!

You won’t find better fundamental drills given by actual NBA Coaches. Every aspect of the game is covered, from footwork, to ball handling, to defense, to shooting.

Start building your knowledge of the game today!

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